Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Bridge Project Jazz Combo

The YMYLs have been busy!

The Bridge Project was envisioned by founder, Laurie Hansen, who identified a shared mission among three nonprofit 503(c) organizations: Swing & Jazz Preservation Society, Arts Garage, and Palm Beach Band Camps. Their vision is to preserve jazz, our American treasure, through music education.
In cooperation with these groups, Ms. Hansen recruited Mr. Neil Bacher, world-renowned jazz guitarist and teacher (Palm Beach Band Camps) to lead as the mentor and teacher of the group.
The purpose of the program is to enhance jazz education for Palm Beach County middle and high school jazz musicians in partnership with these three nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations-- Swing & Jazz Preservation Society, Arts Garage, Palm Beach Band Camps--offering classes on Saturday afternoons from 11am - 2pm at the Arts Garage in the Black Box Theater.
This group of young musicians wishes to share their love of jazz with the community and cultivate enthusiasm for the art form across generations. For booking information, community partnerships, email
We are seeking dedicated young musicians to join us: Students with two years of experience playing jazz; grade level recommendation: grades 8-12, although younger students are welcome if they’ve been playing for at least two years. Must be serious, responsible musicians. INTEREST FORM